Incoming 6th Grade Information


Greetings from 

Mrs. Sutherland 


Hello Incoming 6th Graders and Parents/Guardians!

I am Mrs. Sutherland and I will be your School Counselor! We at Central Middle School are SO excited to have you next year!  I really wish we could have met during Central Connections but here is the next best thing (or closest to the next best thing):  An email with some information to get you acquainted with Central Middle School.  We hope this information helps and please let me know if you have any questions.  Have a safe, healthy, and happy summer!

All my best, 

Mrs. Sutherland 
CMS School Counselor - 6th Grade 
973 263 7125 ext 2211




  • Mr. Gray (the Principal), Mr. Flanagan (Assistant Principal), Mr. Totka (Assistant Principal) all say hello and they can't wait to see you at 6th grade Orientation

    imagejpeg_0 (1).jpg

  • I (on left in picture below) will be your counselor for the next three years and I am looking forward to getting to know you and your families! Next year the 7th grade counselor will be Mr. Hart (middle) and the 8th grade counselor will be Mrs. Mulroony (right). We are all always here to help!


  • Mr. Yarosz is the Student Assistant Counselor and the Anti Bully Specialist at CMS.  He is also another person who you can rely on for help! 

  • Ms. Albruzzese is another name you want to know.  She is the Student Council Advisor and in charge of lots of fun activities at school including Student Council, dances, pep rallies and much more! She is looking forward to telling you more about it when you get to CMS in the fall!

  • Visit our school website here and browse to learn all about our school:

Central Connections Video 

  • This video was made by two of our current 7th graders with the help of Mr. Gillespie, in his Multimedia Production and Design class.  We hope you enjoy this video and it makes you see just how much fun we have at CMS

Questions and Answers:

  • Some AWESOME 7th graders (along with me and Mrs. Mulroony) answered a few questions you may have!  Check out this video:

  • What time does school start and end?  This is our daily bell schedule:

    Period 1


    Period 2


    Period 3


    Period 4

    10:38-11:24 6th grade lunch

    Period 5

    11:28-12:14    7th grade lunch

    Period 6

    12:18-1:04   8th grade lunch

    Period 7




    Period 8



  • Here are two examples of what a typical 6th grade schedule may look like (you will get your schedule in August):

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 6.04.48 PM.png
  • Those lockers seem scary but they are not too bad once you get used to them!  You will figure it out in no time. Check out this video to help you in the meantime:




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