6th Grade

The Grade Six course of study is a student-centered,laboratory-based program that seeks to provide adventure and excitement as the students explore new areas of the Earth Sciences. The primary topic areas are meteorology, geology, oceanography, and astronomy.Collectively they provide the students with the knowledge they need to manage our natural resources, better understand our environment, and safeguard the world around us.The students will develop the ability to identify problems; and then describe, analyze, and predict possible solutions. New forms of observational skills will be in some cases developed and in others refined in order to perform authentic,scientific investigations. The students will also learn to utilize appropriate tools to gather information and solve many issues facing planet Earth today.

7th Grade

The Grade 7 Science course of study is designed to introduce theMiddle School student to various topics in biology. Concepts dealing with classification systems, cell structures, plant and animal types,environmental interactions, genetic characteristics, and the human body will provide the framework for the program.A student-centered, hands-on approach, which has been developed in conjunction with the scientific method and the constructivist learning theory, will be the basis for instruction. In addition, the students will have numerous opportunities to demonstrate their understanding in written form, as well as other related avenues that reflect each student's particular strength and learning style.

8th Grade

The Grade Eight Course of Study is designed to provide the students with a rigorous and challenging science experience. It incorporates a hands-on approach that utilizes the scientific method in conjunction with an interactive approach. The curriculum employs methods that afford the students the opportunity to establish criteria they will utilize to under take the conceptual and laboratory experiences he or she will regularly encounter. Read, writing and math skills will be further developed, and employed in various aspects of the learning including laboratory report and conclusion statement writing. 

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